God doesn't give children with special needs to strong people; He gives children with special needs to ordinary, weak people and then gives them strength. Raising a child with special needs doesn't take a special family, it makes a special family.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hopefully I can get this post done before the kids wake up! We have had a pretty good week, not much going on. Last Friday I must have been out of my mind because I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the park...by myself. Instead of driving to Winchester, which has an accessible playground (which is perfect with the walker because it has rubber turf), I decided to go to Morgan Grove which was a big mistake! The playground had mulch, and lots of it, which made it very difficult for Brenden to maneuver his walker, so I had to help push it. Which made him mad because he has a new streak of independence and did NOT want my hand on that walker!! It wouldn't have been bad had I not had a 15 month old little dare devil climbing all over stuff, running away from me, and eating dirt. I've realized that Madelynn is going to be an outside lovin' little girl. She was climbing up the slides, playing with bugs, and getting dirty (gasp!).
And then on our way to the car a woman offered the kids popsicles, since she had two left in the box. I know, don't accept food from strangers. But she had already flashed them in front of the kids and saying no just wasn't an option. They were still in wrappers of course and her kids were sitting there eating them so they had to be safe, right?!? So there I stood with two kids sucking on popsicles that quickly melted and were running down their face, hands, arms, and then subsequently all over Brenden's walker. But all in all we had fun, made memories, got some pictures, and made me realize that I need reinforcement next time I take both kids to the park. And to suck it up and drive the extra few miles to a playground that is easier for Brenden!
I have been filling my days with endless phone calls trying to get stuff switched over after having to change insurance with Jonathan's new job. Some of Brenden's meds and supplies have been set-up for auto shipment for 3 years now but the new insurance requires we use different companies so it has basically been a nightmare. Picture me sitting at the kitchen table, frustrated on the phone, one kid banging pots and pans, the other kid writing on himself with a pen because that's the only thing that would keep him quiet. Fabulous, huh?!? Slowly but surely I am getting it taken care of. I would like to write a manual for companies such as the ones I have been dealing with on how to streamline the process of getting things done. Bottom line....dealing with insurance companies is by far the most frustrating thing I have dealt with. Ever.

Brenden continues to make new friends at school, only now he's making friends with other parents as they are dropping their kids off at school. Yesterday morning Ms. Aimee came out and as I was getting Brenden out of the car and 'into' the walker another mom walked by and said "Hi Brenden." (Nicole, you are so right...future mayor) She then commented to me that he is always so happy and Ms. Aimee chimed in that he's always in such a good mood and smiling. Well I thought about inviting them to the house sometime so they could see one of his category 5 meltdowns. But if he's going to be well behaved I'd rather it be at school. We should hopefully find out soon if they will allow him to do Summer session which would be great since we don't have to find other therapy options for Summer. Usually they only allow kids in summer session if there is strong evidence that they would regress....they don't think Brenden would regress any, but obviously he needs the therapy. It's only for the month of July, which would be good to keep him in a routine for part of Summer vacation.


Cassie said...

I have never taken both kids to the park all by himself! Kudos to you! Going anywhere with both kids is difficult because inevitably Benjamin goes one way and Caleb the other. I need leashes. :)

KeicherMom said...

That sounded like quite an adventure at the park!

I had the same thought about the *Cat 5 meltdown* this week when Em's OT made a similar comment...meanwhile I was thinking "if only you'd seen her screaming, flinging herself to the ground pounding her hands on the floor 5 minutes before you walked in..." It is nice that mostly that happens just in front of the family :)

Gretchen said...

Bravo for you to take the kids out alone! I am a wimp.... I will usually only go out with the kids if a) my oldest is with me, or b) I hae a staff memeber with me! Otherwise the two youngest make me crazy!!

Insurance companies are so horid... if only they could live one day in our shoes they would rewrite all the rules about preapprovals and such!

Good job momma!