God doesn't give children with special needs to strong people; He gives children with special needs to ordinary, weak people and then gives them strength. Raising a child with special needs doesn't take a special family, it makes a special family.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well week one of Jonathan being away is almost over, and I think I can safely say the kids and I made it through, unscathed. Brenden doesn't fully understand why Jonathan has been gone so long and asks about 567 times a day what time Daddy will be home. Skype has been great but Brenden goes into meltdown mode when it's time to sign off. Luckily, Jonathan will be home for the weekend, however will have to work Sunday, but at least we can spend time together Saturday.

Also drawing to an end is the school year!! Brenden has two days next week, one of which is "Beach Day" and then he will be out for about a month before Summer school starts. Part of me feels like the worst mom ever for making him go for part of the summer, but he loves school so if I can get away with it while he's still young, I guess it's not that horrible of me. He really gets upset on non-school days that he doesn't get to go, so it will be good for all of us. PT and Speech actually didn't think he needed to come for the Summer, but OT wanted him to, so after some words from Mama, PT will see him twice a week, too. He's still struggling some with fine motor, like using scissors, so OT is really our main concern right now. I know, why am I pushing him to work on using scissors?!?!? I'm sure soon enough I'll be sorry and Madelynn will have a hair cut that makes me cry.....

Speaking of Madelynn, she is doing GREAT with gymnastics!!! She loves it....it's a small class, just her and two other little girls and they are so cute to watch. Madelynn is still the only one who listens to the instructor....surprise, surprise! She practices her tumbles all. day. long. She still needs a little help actually getting over, but she's close to getting over herself. This week they did some work on the bars, which she loved! She didn't want to let go!! And oh, jumping is her new thing. She's still a little young to actually be able to jump, but she will stand on the trampoline and bend her knees and kind of bop up and down. And she tries to jump on the bed. In this house, jumping on the bed will be a big no-no! For all you non-family readers, when I was in first grade, I was jumping on my brothers bed on Christmas Eve. Long story short, I fell and busted my mouth on the foot board....I spent Christmas with my mouth stuffed full of tea bags and singing the song, "All I Want For Christmas is My FOUR Front Teeth." Yes, I knocked out my four top, front teeth. But I was the hit of the class when I went back to school and got to color 4 teeth to put up on the "Lost Tooth" board :)

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