God doesn't give children with special needs to strong people; He gives children with special needs to ordinary, weak people and then gives them strength. Raising a child with special needs doesn't take a special family, it makes a special family.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I know, I know, I know!!! Where have I been?!?! Um, right here, in our crazy little life! Some days go by and I feel like I've gotten nothing done and I'm not quite sure where the day went. Brenden has about another week and a half before school starts again and he is VERY excited. Every morning when he wakes up the first thing he asks is if he gets to go to school. We go for orientation next week, even though it's the same class with the same teachers. The highlight of Brenden's Summer was a visit to the Air Guard with Jonathan's brother, Scott. He still talks about seeing the airplanes and tells everyone he got to fly the plane. Many months ago we happened to be driving by the Air Guard when one of the planes was taking off, so I pulled over so Brenden could watch....I was actually pretty amazed myself because they are huge. Ever since, he has been fascinated with the planes, so this was very exciting for Brenden. He came home with lots of great souvenirs, many great stories and memories :) Many thanks to Scott and the guys that made this a very special day for Brenden.

Madelynn continues to give me gray hair every day. She is absolutely fearless, and maybe devious. Last week I caught her with her car on top of the train table, trying to run it off the side....luckily there were toy bins that made it impossible for her to drive off the edge. A few days later, I caught her with a shopping cart up in Brenden's recliner, with her standing in the shopping cart. She is in the "mine" and "why" stage now. *Sigh* Growing up way too fast.

We have enjoyed a nice break from doctor's appointments this summer, but have a few coming up at UVA next month. I'm trying not to think about them because one in particular I'm not looking forward to.

Our crazy days are filled with lots of books, tea parties, cookie baking, and nice long naps lately (my favorite part!). My evenings are kept busy with fundraiser planning, cake decorating, hair bow making, and not enough sleeping which is why I'm cutting this short....we're headed to DC to the zoo tomorrow, so I'll be needin' some energy :)

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Uncle Larry/Aunt Barb said...

Your days schedule makes us tired. Now we know why your blog is called our Crazy Happy Life. Enjoy every minute, because it goes by too fast.