God doesn't give children with special needs to strong people; He gives children with special needs to ordinary, weak people and then gives them strength. Raising a child with special needs doesn't take a special family, it makes a special family.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What a busy week!! But next week Brenden is on Spring Break so hopefully we can have some much needed down time to just have fun. We're headed to the zoo this Friday, and hopefully the animals will be a little more lively than when we went last Summer.
Tomorrow morning I have Brenden's IEP meeting, which I always dread. It's no secret that I have always fought for what he needs and deserves, regardless how hard the fight may be. I tend to butt heads with some of the school therapists, but I really hope that by now the realize that I won't back down until they see my side and realize I'm only asking for what is best for him. The school system is a far cry from what we had with Birth to Three and I often times feel like they want to do the bare minimum instead of what I KNOW is best for him. Luckily his teacher is on my side and she isn't afraid to speak up to make sure we get what we need. Since the beginning I've been "that parent," but Brenden is my number one priority.
Yesterday I got to do something I wasn't so sure we would ever be able to....signed Brenden up for T-Ball!! Winchester has a challenger league, designed just for kids who are differently abled. It's non-competitive and operates on a buddy system, where each child has to have someone on the field with them at all times. I think Jonathan and I are more excited than Brenden is right now, but he's been telling everyone and says he needs to start practicing. It doesn't start until June, so we have plenty of time to get him ready. We have a T-Ball set, now he just needs a glove :)
Madelynn has been saying she wants to do gymnastics again, so that may be on the horizon, too. Last time she was clingy to me and really didn't do much during class, so I'll be interested to see how she will do. She is such a wild woman at home, but is the complete opposite out in public. People think she is a quiet little girl, but she is definitely not!! My dad keeps saying she acts just like me, which I find hard to believe :) She's a sassy little diva, and there's no way I was ever like that.....
We will also soon be adding outpatient physical therapy, so things are about to get even busier. Brenden starts therapeutic riding again next week, too. I just really wish I was happier with PT he gets at school so we didn't have to add anything extra, but until something changes, we'll deal with being busy.
Kentucky is quickly approaching and I'm getting more and more excited each day!! I am once again so thankful for the outpouring of support for my fundraising. I sometimes feel like I'm constantly raising money but I've become so passionate about making a difference in the SB world. It's obviously close to my heart so it truly means a lot for the support from everyone. The kids are starting to get excited for "Mommy's race." Yesterday Madelynn gave me a butterfly she made and said, "It's for your race, Mommy." She was so proud and of course it melted my heart. They still ask to watch video of the half marathon I did last year and they practice cheering me on, so hopefully we can get the course mapped out for them to see me a time or two during the race.


Uncle Larry/Aunt Barb said...

Busy, busy, busy. With two little ones, I know you all stay busy.I bet Brenden is excited about T ball and Madelyn about gymnastics. I will have to say as parents, you all are dedicated to making a difference. Love you all

Anonymous said...

Very good this blog!!